It has been a while since my first “state of BITVoxy” reports over BITVoxy News which usually held updates as to Faucet payouts and Frontend updates.

Starting today, There will no longer be a “State of BITVoxy” report nor “Faucet Payout” reports at BITVoxy News.

The report will be replaced by this report, The BITVoxy State reports which will cover Faucet Payouts and Front-end Development News. A cross-site post titled “BITVoxy State” inline with the News Nature of the BITVoxy News Blog.

This Edition

The Front-end

The front-end saw a removal of the Kaiko widget due to it going out of operation.

The removal has led to an improving in the Frontpages loading due to the rearrangement of the Front End. The Price Index has also been replaced by the internal price index.

We intend to turn this Index into a widget just like Kaiko for sometime in the near future. We have already started working on the Price Index API.

The front-end saw the addition of an SSL Certificate which will improve our website’s security along with search engine optimization efforts. There was also the addition of nofollow added to frontend dynamic links which will no longer affect SEO efforts along with the addition of other rss sources which will be selectively expanded later.

We have created an Open Source PHP Library called PHPTimbuktwo which will host all our Internally reusable functions which we believe can be of great usage to other web developers and webmasters. Learn more about PHPTimbuktwo by visiting

BITVoxy HQ Solution

BITVoxy HQ website has been dormant for the last couple of months during our efforts to develop the websites content.

Our efforts have been concentrated on BITVoxy News, which has seen steady growth with its reviews of various bitcoin gaming websites among other SEO friendly content.

BITVoxy News


The BITVoxy News also saw the addition of SSL Certificate aimed at Site Security and SEO.

BITVoxy News outlooks looks smooth going into the New Year as we work on the latest trends in Bitcoin, Entertainment and Technology Awesomeness!

Faucet Payout

The faucet was restored in the last report after being down for a while. The faucets return saw a members only payout but after weeks of reviewing the general outlook of other faucets.

The faucet saw a return to its original format where anyone with a bitcoin address can receive free bitcoins.

Payouts of 500, 300, 400  have been removed due to abuse from bots who are intent on draining our faucet and have been replaced with payouts of 60 – 300.

There will no longer be a promotion of the faucet going forward but it will be continiously operated with constant refills which one can learn about by following these updates.

So that is it for this edition of the BITVoxy State report. See you next time with another report concerning our operations.

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