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Advertise to an audience of Technology, Blockchain, Gadgets, Gaming & Culture lovers with BITVoxy Ads?

BITVoxy Ads is a Google Ads Manager powered advertising Network used for all BITVoxy websites.

Our Network Receives on Average over 3000+ Visits per month.

GTecheek has over 130+ followers on Twitter, 75+ Followers on Facebook and over 230+ Email Subscribers.

Advertising Options

Banner Advertising

All our ads are delivered via the Google Ad Manager Platform. The platform allows ads delivered at the full potential and integration of Google Adsense for empty inventories.

There is also reliability via the same infrastructure used by Google Adsense. The Platform also allows us to various ad targetting according to Location, Browser type and City where required.

Regardless of Banner type or Location, Our Ads are $30 per month.

The Following are our Locations & banner Sizes:

  • Homepage – 970×90 aka Leaderboard
    • Additional sizes –  Mobile Leaderboard (320×50), Banner (468×60), Leaderboard (970×90) & Large Rectangle (336×280)
  •  Sidebar Ad – 300×250 aka Medium Rectangle
    • Additional sizes –  Small Square (200×200), Skycraper (120×600), Large Rectangle (336×280), Square (250×250), vertical rectangle (240×400), Half Page(300×600), Wide Skyscraper (160×600) & Small rectangle (180×150)
  • Footer – 970×90 aka Leaderboard
    • Additional sizes – Half Banner (234×60), Banner (468×60) & Large Leaderboard (970×90)

You can quickly make a banner placement via our Fiverr Gig.

Press Release – Starting at $100

GTecheek Covers TechnologyOur Blockchain, ICO and Cryptocurrency blog publishes the latest press releases.

Posting a Press Release can be done by visiting GTecheek Write For Us Page and Posting your info into Fields.

Sponsored Post or Product/App/ICO/Crypto Review – starting at $50

If your product/service is Technology, Blockchain, Gadget and/r Culture related, GTecheek can Publishes Reviews for that product/service.

Here are a few Examples:

So if your Product/Service solves any common issues faced by our audience, We will be happy to create a Product review from scratch or if it is the case publish your review as Sponsored Content.


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