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BITVoxy Ads is a DFP powered advertising Network used for all BITVoxy websites.

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GTecheek has over 130+ followers on Twitter, 75+ Followers on Facebook and over 50+ Email Subscribers.

Advertising Options

Banner Advertising

Our Banners ads are managed via DFP which enables us to give your advertising maximum delivery given usage of the very same infrastructure used by Google Adsense. DFP also allows us to various ad targetting according to Location, Browser type and City where required.

Our Advertising Differentiated Pricing for All Banner Ads Regardless of Location is as Follows:

  1. Cost Per Day – $2.5 per day
  2. Cost Per Click (CPC) – $1.05 per click*
  3. Cost Per Mile (CPM – )$0.05 per mile / 1000 impressions

Specific Banner Types are as Follows:

  • Full Leaderboard Banner Ad 728×90 (on top) for 25 USD per Month.
  • Two Full Leaderboard Banner Ads 728×90 (on Bottom) for 20 USD per Month for each.
  • Big Square Ad 300×250 (At Sidebar on top) for 25 USD per Month.
  • Big Square Ad 300×250 (At Sidebar on bottom) for 20 USD per Month.
  • Two Skyscraper Ads 160×600, 120×600 (At Sidebar) 25 USD per Month for each Ad.
  • Two Medium Banner Ads 468×60 (End of Articles) 20 USD per Month for each Ad.

You can receive banner placements at a discounted rate via our Fiverr Gig.

*This Billing Has been disabled due to profitability, A Major Aim of Ads is to ensure the continuance of our Blogging efforts and not just plain profitability.

Press Release – Starting at $100

GTecheek MeerChains – Our Blockchain, ICO and Cryptocurrency blog publishes the latest press releases. Posting a Press Release can be done by visiting GTecheek Meerchains Write For Us Page and Posting your info into Fields.

The Field At the End of the page while holding some PR fields is used as an Enquiry Tool.

Sponsored Post or Product/App/ICO/Crypto Review – starting at $50

GTecheek Publish Reviews various Desktop/Mobile apps, Products and Service which solve common problems faced by our readers. If your Product/Service solve a common problem facing our audience then we will accept Either Writing you a Product review or Publishing your modified original public review on either GTecheek or Gtecheek MeerChains.

GTecheek MeerChains just as its main blog, creates reviews on various cryptocurrency, Blockchains, Altcoins and ICOs which either solve problems faced by our readers or require an audience to highlight their offerings.


Use the given form below to apply or send an email at [email protected]