Our Product/Services

BITVoxy Network is a diverse group of Products and Services.

BITVoxy Agency

All Website creation/Setup/Migration, Branding, SEO, SEM, Data Entry, Webmaster as a Service, Content Creation and Virtual Assistance.

BITVoxy Advertising

Cross Network Advertising inclusive of press releases, sponsorships and banner ads,

BITVoxy Labs - Thundex/BITPin

Headline as a Service, Web Directory, Branding and URL shortening platform.

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BITVoxy Swag

BITVoxy Swag and Services

I Will Migrate, Move, Clone, Copy, Transfer

Are you searching someone expert for transfer/migrate/ move/copy your WordPress website to the new domain, new hosting or to the new directory?

You are at the right place. This job is not easy to do for the inefficient persons, but with my years of experience, I can say that I’m here for you.

Service Tip

This Product is a Tipping Item and Demo Product…

The Guys who make the Network a reality.
Lance Cameron

Lance Cameron


Web Consultant, Virtual Assistant, Blogger and Web Developer.

What our Clients had to say about our work.


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It has been a while since my first “state of BITVoxy” reports over BITVoxy News which usually held updates as to Faucet payouts and Frontend updates. Starting today, There will no longer be a “State of Read more…

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